D & D CHEMICAL INC. is located in Taiwan and was founded by two overseas Taiwanese Ph. D.s in chemical engineering. Both have more than thirty years of rich R&D and production experience and hold patents. As time passed, D & D CHEMICAL INC. has grown dramatically, from a small factory to a leading Ear Plugs manufacturer, international supplier, and exporter. Our key successful beliefs are brave innovation, quality and customer satisfaction first.

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Conical Shape Disposable Metal Detectable Foam Earplug Features: EP-33F metal-detectable foam earplugs are designed to protect the ears from loud noises while also being detectable by metal detectors. This is particularly useful in industrial settings, such as the food processing industry, where foreign objects must be avoided at all costs. The earplugs are made of safe and non-toxic PU foam, which means they won't cause any irritation or allergies when they come into contact with the skin. They are also moderate in size, making them suitable for most people's ear canals, and come in a range of packaging options to meet individual needs. The metal detection capabilities of these earplugs are invaluable in ensuring safety in the workplace. If the earplugs are dropped down the production line and a metal object is detected, a loud beeping sound will alert the wearer to the potential danger in the area. Not only do these earplugs offer metal detection, but they also provide a high level of noise reduction, with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of up to 32 decibels. This makes them ideal for workers who are regularly exposed to loud noises, as they can help prevent hearing damage and other related issues. Excellent Attenuation Values: The attenuation values of EP-33F conical shape metal detectable foam earplugs are provided below. Test in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8300 Measured Attenuation (dB) 39.8 40.4 42.6 40.3 39.1 45.2 45.7 48.3 47.4 Standard Derivation (dB) 3.0 3.9 2.9 3.6 3.7 3.0 2.5 4.9 3.7 NRR= 32dB Provide long-term comfort: EP-33F metal detectable foam earplugs are made from a soft, flexible foam material that conforms to the shape of the ear canal, providing a long-term comfortable fit. They are also disposable and inexpensive, making them a cost-effective solution for workplaces that require large quantities of earplugs. Comply with international standards and certificates: US S3.19-1974 test standard EU EN352-2:2020 test standard Comply with EU 2016/425 regulation CE and UKCA certified Conforms to EU REACH (EC) N.1907/2006 regulation, does not contain SVHCs harmful chemical substances
Bell Shape Disposable Foam Earplug Features: The ergonomically EP-39 bell-shaped disposable earplug is characterized by high sound absorption levels, making it suitable for use in loud environments. They are tested according to ANSI specs S3.19-1974 and feature soft, slow-recovery foam for extreme comfort and outstanding noise reduction to protect your hearing. They are popular choices in the market for attenuation, comfort, and hypoallergenic. They are available in corded and uncorded options and are conveniently packaged in individual polybags to keep each pair clean. A flared end on bell-shaped earplugs provides extra material to cover the outside of the ear canal to help block sound. The extra material also provides a gripping point to aid insertion and removal of the plug Bell shape offers versatility and a comfortable fit for a larger range of individual ear canals Flange provides a more consistent fit Extremely soft foam plug Provides a comfortable, low-pressure fit Single-pair polybag packaging NRR 32dB Comply with ANSI S3.19-1974 standard: EP-39 serial bell-shaped disposable foam earplugs have outstanding noise reduction ratings. The attenuation values are provided below. Test in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8300 Measured Attenuation (dB) 41.3 44.0 44.7 39.8 37.9 44.5 45.6 47.5 47.3 Standard Derivation (dB) 4.0 5.2 4.1 3.9 3.2 3.5 2.9 4.1 2.4 NRR= 32dB Applications: Construction Manufacturing  Metal Processing Military Municipal Services Transportation Welding Agriculture & Forestry
RP-33 Three Flange Reusable Earplug RP-33 reusable earplugs feature a three-flange and ergonomic design to help fit a variety of ear canals. RP-33 earplugs have a stem grip to help the workers insert without needing to roll down the earplug. They can be reused repeatedly as they are made from a pre-molded washable material and can be cleaned when dirty. They are a great option and sustainable choice for hearing protection across a wide range of industries and applications. RP-33 are ergonomically designed for comfort and safety and are available with or without a cord. Recommended Industries/Use: Sleeping, Traveling, Construction, Fire, Forestry, Manufacturing, Transportation, Welding, and other industries. Earplug Color: orange (colors can be customized) Model: RP-33 uncord / RP-33C version with cord: PVC or cloth cords available Origin: Taiwan Packaging: Hygienic storage of earplugs in hygiene box or re-sealable bag Attenuation Values: Test in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8300 Measured Attenuation (dB) 34.5 31.1 36.8 33.4 35.2 34.3 33.4 31.4 37.2 Standard Derivation (dB) 4.9 4.2 4.7 4.6 3.7 3.9 3.4 3.1 4.1 NRR= 24dB Cleaning and Storage: Keep the earplugs clean and free from material that can irritate the ear canal. Wash reusable earplugs with mild soap and warmwater only. Pat dry with a towel and store when not in use. Do not treat with any other substances, as the earplugs may degrade and compromise effectiveness. With proper maintenance, reusable earplugs can be used daily for 2-4 weeks. Store the earplugs in a cool and dry place. Store them out of the reach of children. Comply with international standards and certificates: US S3.19-1974 test standard EU EN352-2:2020 test standard CE and UKCA certified
PRP-22 Reusable Push in Earplugs Features: The PRP-22 earplugs are made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. The ergonomic three-flange design can fit the most ear canal, and its soft and thin blades can insert the earplugs into the ear canal with just a slight push. PRP-22 push in earplugs eliminate the hassle of rolling down earplugs for fitting and also reduces the risk of hand-to-ear contamination. Fitting stems help for an easier insertion of the earplugs even when wearing gloves and help keep the earplug clean for workers with dirty hands. Reusable and washable, compared to disposable earplugs, they are a more cost-effective option in the long run. With proper care and maintenance, PRP-22 push in earplugs can last for weeks, which means that you won't have to keep buying new pairs. They can be packed in a small plastic box or a zipper bag, which is more convenient for storage and portability. Fitting Instructions Insert tip into ear canal while pulling ear outward & upward with the opposite hand, then adjust it for greatest noise reduction. Check the fit after inserting earplug. Pull earplug stem gently. Earplug should not come out of the ear easily. If it does, remove earplug & repeat the fitting. Wash the push in earplugs with a clean water and soap when dirty. Replace the earplugs if they are damaged. Benefits of PRP-22 Push in Earplugs No roll down required. Reusable and washable Easy insert the into the ear canal. One size fit most. More cost-effective option in the long run
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Our diverse range of Ear Plugs is designed to provide optimal comfort, functionality, and safety in various settings. Immerse yourself in tranquility with our soft and comfortable Foam Earplugs. Ideal for daily use, they offer superior noise reduction for peace in any environment. Elevate workplace safety with our Industrial Earplugs. Robust protection against loud machinery and industrial noise ensures a secure auditory environment.

Embrace sustainability without compromising protection. Our Reusable Earplugs and Sustainable Earplugs offer eco-friendly hearing defense, promoting long-lasting auditory well-being. Safety is paramount. Our PPE Earplugs and Safety Earplugs provide reliable protection in various work settings, allowing you to focus without compromising your hearing. Navigate high-risk environments confidently with Metal Detectable Earplugs and Noise Cancelling Earplugs For Work. Enhanced safety features make them ideal for industrial settings.

From convenient Ear Plug Accessories storage solutions to hygiene essentials, we've got everything you need for a seamless auditory protection routine. Choose the perfect Ear Plugs solution for your lifestyle – because when it comes to your hearing, we've got you covered. Explore our diverse range and elevate your auditory well-being, contact us today.